Graphic Design, Print & Brochure Design

Feel like you’ve wasted hours fiddling in InDesign or Photoshop and still don’t have the results you want? That’s because you’re not a professional graphic designer. Thankfully, we are. Images speak louder than words and with thousands of businesses sharing new content every day, you need to stand above the rest.

Here when you need us

Many of the businesses we work with use our graphic design services on an ongoing basis to create clean-cut and contemporary social media graphics, but we also produce traditional design materials like printed brochures, leaflets, signage and event banners. After all, contrary to belief, advertising on the side of a vehicle is still an effective way to attract new customers and generate revenue.


Logo Design

Make your customers remember you with a stand-out logo design that sets your brand apart.

Print Design

Printed marketing materials are still an effective way to reach your target audience, and you can call on Lucky 14 for everything from brochure design to event signage.


Quickly communicate information to your audience in a way that’s easy to digest with our infographic design service.


Illustration is a fun, upbeat way to communicate your message, especially online where it’s tricky to stand out. Our professional illustrators are waiting to hear from you.
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Social Media Graphics

Call on our social media graphic design service to boost your brand’s online presence with eye-catching messaging.

Event Design

If you’re heading to a show or an exhibition, we’ve got years of major stand design experience within our team.

Our Experience

Our small yet experienced team comprises of design and marketing professionals covering a range of disciplines, from web design and branding to social media and content marketing. This team makeup ensures everything we design is adaptable to your businesses’ changing needs as you grow.